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• 7/7/2018

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• 12/8/2016

Should GhostaDE be removed from the Admin position?

As both our Beaurocrat, and other Admins are long inactive and gone, there is no other way to stop GhostaDE from destroying this wiki, and from limiting access to it's content, than requesting wikia staff to remove her from Admin post.
GhostaDE has destroyed this wiki navigation, looked the navigation page, and for moths refuses to reenable it, admitting in off wiki conversations, that she has done it on purpose, so people would came to the new Wiki, even though less than 200 articles out of almost 700 has been transfered to the new wiki, that she created, and fully controls. Also for months she refuses to answer publicly to my post on her wall, requesting changes in her approach.
Her actions are definitely harming this wiki, and therefore are against the wikia rules, and if the community agrees, we have a full right to request her removal.
Please state your opinion on this subject.
I should add, that to prevent such vandalism from happening again, and to bring things back in order (unlock locked pages, etc,), I intend to adopt this wiki, and become its Admin, until we find a more dedicated user to take this function (I'm mostly a casual editor, making some small improvements, as I see them needed, being a heavy wikia user).
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• 8/8/2016

Guild Beardiers lf active players.

We looking for active players. Max lvl guild, we doing elder full and garden also raid boses. In game find our guild by search and type bear or beardies
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• 6/8/2016

Update June 8, 2016

General changes:
✔ Added volume control option; 
✔ Added two new difficulties for stages: Emperor and God. There is a chance to get a rainbow version of the creature on these stages; 
✔ Added an option to skip animation of the current guild wars on entering in guild’s overview window;
✔ The speed of auto-forward mode was increased by 1,5 time;
✔ The starting weekday of tourney was changed to Wednesday;
✔ Added an info in capture window about how many such creatures player has in the inventory;
✔ Added a time stamp feature to the guild chat log;
✔ Added 50 new sets;
✔ Sell price of the creatures was increased by 30%;
✔ Fixed an issue where filter settings reset after switching army tab;
The accrual of GvG points was changed. If player from guild “A” attacks player from guild “B” and loses, guild “B” won’t get GvG points, if he wins his guild will get points as it should;
✔ “Rainbow’s Lair”: The drop rates of evo material were increased;
✔ “Legend Mine”: HP of Royal Wild Ribshatterer was decreased; The amount of XP for raid was increased;
✔ “Elder’s Shrine”: The creatuares were slightly buffed;
✔ The stats of Shadows were decreased by 50%;
✔ Fixed an issue where creatures are duplicated sometimes;
✔ Pumpkinson, Spirit of Hallowen: Fixed an issue where small pumpkins were immune on the turn when they were spawned;
✔ Thoroughly looking Basilisk: Fixed an issue where auras from different grades don’t work correct;
✔ Averaan, the Mistress of Sin: Fixed mistake in skill description;
✔ Circe, The Reality Corruptor and Fenneca, the Redhead Broodmother: The mechanics of thier skills was changed, now they shouldn’t “one-shot” creatures;
✔ Al Carr, The Seed of Volcano: Fire Elemental reborn from Fanged Ripper + Angry Sticky Giant;
✔ Born in the Depths of Hell: Ifrit was removed as an ingridient for evolution to XIV grade;
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• 4/14/2016

Join friends

If you want to join me. Redeem code = lsvzrq
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• 3/3/2016


This morning, I have a message in Forge of God :"You are marked as cheater" and i cant play just reset my account.Why ?
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• 1/27/2016

Where to enter the codes posted to Twitter?

Have looked around and couldn't find it and no one in any chat seems to know either.
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• 5/26/2015

Reset warlord?

if i reset my warlord will i lost all of my army?
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