Brisk Bug
Brisk Bug
Race Beast
Gender Female
Type Defender
Skill Insect Celerity I

Aura with 2 range

Friendly Ranged fighters attack 2 times with 15% chance.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Brisk Bug is a very powerful Defender capable of hiding in the back row or holding the front line, although hard to acquire in great number. Useful with powerful Ranged units, such as the Warlord Morgana.

Compared to monsters with ATK boosting auras (e.g. Forest Defender), the double attack effect is much more useful for higher grade monsters because the expected damage boost is calculated from the base stats + any bonuses.

(Note: The stacking of multiple attack effects is calculated at the start of an attack, and not applied on an attack by attack basis; and attacks are added together, not multiplied.)


1 1146 311 802 89 10 2
40 1432 389 1003 111 13 2

Can be Found: Edit

Low Drop Chance:

Evolution Material for:Edit


Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Brisk Bug
Forest Bug
Warlike Mushroom
Small Snake Egg
Warlike Bug
Orc's Sergeant
White FroglingSmall Black Egg
Armored Forest Bug
Carnivorous Amanita
Yellow OozeSpider Egg
Giant Adephage
Forest Defender
Creepy OozeBlack Toad
Giant Progenitus Of Bugs

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