Disciple Of Thunder
Disciple Of Thunder
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Ranged
Skill Lightning I

On attack.

Hits 2 enemies in a chain (for 85% damage to subsequent enemies).

Monster Overview: Edit

Disciple Of Thunder's ability, Lightning, allows him to hit numerous adjacent enemies. The chain effect is useful because it can hit various enemy formations (unlike line attacks, e.g. Forest Archer) and is useful for hitting enemy Ranged units. Chain attack is particularly useful against pairs of enemies where it will bounce back and forth between them; however subsequent bounces won't benefit from effects such as Pierce.


1 386 247 53 11 5 2
40 482 309 66 14 7 2

Can be Found: Edit

Low Drop Chance:

Evolution Material for:Edit


Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Disciple Of Thunder
Thunder Mage
Ossified Warg
Brown-Green Frogling
Storm Guild's Adept
Mad Toxic Flower
Small White EggGreen Frogling
Summoner Of The Howling Winds
Rouge, Shade Of Death
Purple OozeBlue-Orange Toad
Great Hurricane Lord
Ape's Pride Defender
Snake EggWhite Toad
Airus, Thunder Archimage

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