Ent The Forest Guardian
Ent The Forest Guardian
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill Shadow of the Branches IV

Aura with range 2.

Increases friendly Ranged fighters attack by +30%.

Monster Overview: Edit

Ent The Forest Guardian's aura provides a nice little boost to Ranged units, with a range of 2, if this unit is placed in the center row will affect all your Ranged units, particularly good with powerful unit like the Warlord Morgana. As this bonus applies only to the base stats of a unit, it becomes rather trivial for high level monsters.


1 856 163 808 36 7
75 1199 228 1131 50 10

Can be Found: Edit

Low Drop Chance:

Evolution Material for:Edit

Venomous Snake's Handler

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Revived Tree
Revived Amanita
Small Succubus Egg
Forest Defender
Warlike Luminous Mushroom
Swamp OozySmall Snake Egg
Ent The Forest Guardian
Spinebreaking Boar
Green FroglingSmall White Egg
Ancient Forest Guardian

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