Great Jinn Lord, Zafar
Great Jinn Lord, Zafar
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Ranged
Skill Wish VI

Aura with 1 range.

Friendly units ignore 100% DEF with 35% chance.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Great Jinn Lord, Zafar is unquestioningly the most powerful unit in the game. Not only does Great Jinn Lord, Zafar have high ATK and 3 range, but his aura, Wish, allows nearby units to pierce 100% of enemy DEF making even weak units lethal and strong units capable of instantly wiping out an army. The best way to fight against Great Jinn Lord, Zafars is Stout units, as they may have enough HP to survive piercing damage.


1 5693 4909 319 295 60 3
270 8255 7118 462 427 87 3

Can be Found: Edit

Not Found

Evolution Material for:Edit


Set Requirement for:Edit


Evolution Chart:Edit

Young Jinn
Small White EggWhite Frogling
The Spirit Of The Lamp
Queen Of Hornets
Yellow OozeBlue-Orange Toad
Damned Jinn
Cactus Warrior
Snake EggBlack Toad
Giant Jinn
High Priest
Black ToadWhite Egg
Ancient Jinn
Ancient Dark Forest Horror
Rainbow OozeRainbow Toad
Great Jinn Lord, Zafar

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