King Kong
King Kong
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Attack Evolution IV

Aura with 1 range.

Increases friendly BEAST attack by +600.

Monster Overview: Edit

The King Kong's aura, Attack Evolution, is stronger early game while a creatures stats are still low, after which Orcish Witch becomes more effective. However the King Kong is still good in combination with Beasts with low attack, e.g. Black Scorpion or Wasp Swarm.


1 3556 168 23 50 143
75 5068 239 32 71 204

Can be Found: Edit

Not Found

Evolution Material for:Edit

Frozen Blue Drake

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Young Gorilla
Warlike Ape-Man
Crypt Ripper
Black-Red Frogling
Ape's Pride Defender
Bloodthirsty Wasp
Vinous OozySmall Snake Egg
King Kong
Elusive Swarm
Boiling OozyGreen Frogling
Ancient Silverback

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