Master Adar, The Harbinger
Master Adar, The Harbinger
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Ranged
Skill Burning Hell V

Aura with 1 range.

Splashes 55% damage to target's neighbours.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Warlord Master Adar, The Harbinger has the lowest ATK of the Ranged Warlord but compensates by have splash damage. Adar is an effective Ranged Warlord for PvP, where enemies start grouped together making the most of splash. Adar's splash is also effective at taking out groups of weak units in PvE and is particularly useful against any boss that spawns units as his splash damage will reduce them to dust.


1 1646 1827 271 75 28 2
170 2387 2649 392 108 41 2

Evolution Chart:Edit

Adar The Igneous
Cannibal WargCunning Trapper
Brown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Adar The Flame Master
Terrify Killing FlowerApe's Pride Defender
Creepy OozeBlack-Red Toad
Master Adar The Igneous
King KongArcher Of The Thicket
Black ToadBoiling Ooze
Archimaster Adar The Igneous
Aydrien The Last BowmasterTill, Wild Hunt's Archont
Rainbow ToadRainbow Ooze
Master Adar, The Harbinger

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