Old Fanged Boar
Old Fanged Boar
Race Beast
Gender Female
Type Stout
Skill Sharp Fangs III

Being attacked, 55% chance.

Returns 80% damage to melee attackers.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Old Fanged Boar's ability, Sharp Fangs, is very effective against any Attackers, with most Attackers having ATK values similar to their HP they can suffer greatly from Sharp Fangs even if the Old Fanged Boar is killed during the attack. (Note: This damage isn't mitigated by enemy DEF, but it is limited to the remaining HP of the Old Fanged Boar).


1 2786 113 16 32 50
40 3847 156 22 44 69

Can be Found: Edit

Not Found

Evolution Material for:Edit

Frostblade Genin Immortal Nosferatu Incorporeal Knight Infernal Imp Spitting Scorpion Wicked Orc's General

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Nettle Swine
Giant Swine
Yellow-Orange Frogling
Old Fanged Boar
Darkthicket Wolf
Vinous OozySmall Snake Egg
Wild Saber-Toothed Boar

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