Pious Chaplain
Pious Chaplain
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Ranged
Skill Healing Prayer II

On attack.

Heals one friendly unit around self.

Monster Overview: Edit

Pious Chaplain is an all-purpose healer, capable of healing creatures of any race. Not very useful in PvP, where battles end quickly, but during PvE can prove quite useful by standing in front of a wall to prevent movement and allowing your entire team to heal or your Ranged units to snipe off enemies from safety. Pious Chaplain is less effective later in the game, where units can heal just as easily from their own REG.


1 293 55 48 8 5 1
40 352 66 57 10 6 1

Can be Found: Edit

Not Found

Evolution Material for:Edit

Darkslayer Restless Chainrattler

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Church Acolyte
Pious Chaplain
Giant Swine
Vinous Oozy
Old Preacher
Prince Of Thieves
Small Green EggVinous Oozy
High Priest
Skillful Duelist
White FroglingBoiling Oozy
Sebastian, Holy Righteousness

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