Data pulled on March 3rd, 2016

Following is data pulled from the game files.

Drop Rates/Capture Chances Edit

Creature Generic Info Edit

Creature Stats Edit

Creature Evolution Info Edit

Creature Skills Edit

Creature Summon Chances - Power multipliers Edit

Creature Kill XP/Fuse/Sell Price Edit

Raw Formulas Edit

Damage Edit

Pierce calculations are not included, if defense is 0,then the full attack value is damage, otherwise, Linear defence condition may come into play on individual maps.

Figure: num = ((atk/ sqrt(def)) * Constants.DAMAGE_COEFF_1) * 1; if def > atk +500, then multiply that by (atk+500/def);

   public static int GetDamage(int atk, int def)
       float num = 0f;
       float num2 = atk;
       float num3 = 0f;
       float num4 = 1f;
       if (def == 0)
           return atk;
       if (def < Constants.DEFENCE_LINEAR_COND)
           num3 = (def * Constants.LINEAR_DEF_COEFF) + Constants.LINEAR_DEF_SHIFT;
           num3 = (float) Math.Sqrt((double) def);
           if (def > (atk + 500f))
               num4 = (atk + 500f) / ((float) def);
       num = ((num2 / num3) * Constants.DAMAGE_COEFF_1) * num4;
       return (int) num;

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