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Tournaments are where people can participate in PVP battles to earn rewards towards unique creatures. You can still gain points even if you used your 10 "rating" PVP battles, so use of chili is a wise tactic.

Leagues Edit

There are 5 leagues, after being in the top 10 (of 30) of your league, you move into the next one for greater rewards. However, if you are the bottom 10, you move down a league (unless you are already at the lowest).

Tokens: Edit

Rank Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
1 600 1,000 1500 2500
2 300 500 750 2200
3 150 250 350 1900
4-10 100 150 250 1600
11+ 30 50 100 1200

Tournaments Edit

Feb 13-18 2016 was the valentines tournament, collecting 1,000 tokens would get 3 chances at unique elite princesses grade 3-7.

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