Vlad The Blood Prince
Vlad The Blood Prince
Race Demon
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Bloody Touch II

On attack.

Steals 26% HP from enemy.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Warlord Vlad The Blood Prince is the fastest of the Warlord's edging out Kergan. Vlad specialises in surviving battle by draining the life from his enemies allowing him to quickly recover from the brink of death.


1 2256 2070 136 220 30
55 3159 2898 190 308 42

Evolution Chart:Edit

Vlad The Impaler
Cannibal WargKilling Wasp
Brown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Vlad The Blood Prince
Ethernal LadyElven Bowmaster
Black-Red ToadScorpion Egg
Prince Vlad The Dragon
Orc's Elite WarriorCactus Assassin
Black EggBoiling Ooze
King Vlad The Dragon
Orc's Guard GeneralQueen Of Wasps
Rainbow EggRainbow Ooze
Vlad Dracula The Harbinger

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