Warlike Ape-Man
Warlike Ape-Man
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Attack Evolution II

Aura with 1 range.

Increases friendly BEAST attack by +250.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Warlike Ape-Man's aura, Attack Evolution, is stronger early game while a creatures stats are still low, after which Orcish Witch becomes more effective. However the Warlike Ape-Man is still good in combination with Beasts with low attack, e.g. Black Scorpion or Wasp Swarm.


1 2570 122 18 37 106
40 3548 168 24 51 147

Can be Found: Edit

On Drop List:

Evolution Material for:Edit

Old Mountain Wizard High-Shaman

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Young Gorilla
Warlike Ape-Man
Crypt Ripper
Black-Red Frogling
Ape's Pride Defender
Bloodthirsty Wasp
Vinous OozySmall Snake Egg
King Kong
Elusive Swarm
Boiling OozyGreen Frogling
Ancient Silverback

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