Chainmail is a Warlord Set, it provides a boost to the DEF of all Warlord type creatures.

Chainmail I - Warlord +2% DEF:Edit

Ghost Undead Swine Zombie Wolf

Chainmail II - Warlord +5% DEF:Edit

Sapling Big Zombie Boar Church Acolyte

Chainmail III - Warlord +7% DEF:Edit

Ent The Forest Guardian Big Zombie Boar Pious Chaplain Carnivorous Amanita

Chainmail IV - Warlord +10% DEF:Edit

Revived Tree Spinebreaking Boar Disciple Of Earth Revived Amanita

Chainmail V - Warlord +12% DEF:Edit

Forest Defender Spinebreaking Boar Earth Mage Crypt Ripper

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