White Swordsman
White Swordsman
Race Human
Gender Male
Type Defender
Skill Shield II

Aura with range 2.

Friendly Humans block 220 damage with 24% chance.

Monster Overview: Edit

White Swordsman is a strong Human Defender, his ability Shield can reduce the damage received by nearby Humans. As Shield is applied after damage calculation this reduction greatly reduces damage received, for Defenders this can turn minimal damage into next to nothing, making them nearly impossible to bring down without the aid of piercing (Corroding Web Spider) or life shearing effects (Phantom Girl).


1 856 318 837 69 7
55 1133 420 1107 91 10

Can be Found: Edit

Low Drop Chance:

Evolution Material for:Edit


Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

White Warrior
White Swordsman
Wild Hunt's Master
Swamp Oozy
White Knight
Bloodrite Adept
Gluttonous OozyWhite Frogling
Protector Of The Light
Wild Saber-Toothed Boar
Yellow OozeYellow-Orange Toad
Magister Of The Order Of Light
Old Preacher
Scorpion EggBrown-Green Toad
Sir Lancelot, Paladin Of Light

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