Wild Mushroom
Wild Mushroom
Race Beast
Gender Male
Type Stout
Skill Warlike Spores I

Being attacked.

Summons Wild Shroomy near for 2 turns.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Wild Mushroom is a very nice low level Stout, not only can it takes lots of damage itself, but when attacked summons more smaller tanks nearby, each with a reasonable amount of HP. Summoned units are good for drawing fire from you main army; although they have low ATK on their own, they can be augmented by the Gorilla's ATK aura. The summoned units are also capable of spawning more units.


1 2173 118 13 25 80
15 2716 148 17 31 100

Can be Found: Edit

On Drop List:

Low Drop Chance:

Evolution Material for:Edit

Boneclattering Skeleton

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Wild Mushroom
Revived Mushroom
Yellow Oozy
Warlike Mushroom
Crypt Ripper
Creepy OozySmall Succubus Egg
Carnivorous Mushroom

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