Witchess Morgana The Raven
Witchess Morgana The Raven
Race Demon
Gender Female
Type Ranged
Skill Damnation III

On attack.

Steals 17% ATK from enemy.

Monster Overview: Edit

The Warlord Witchess Morgana The Raven is the only Ranged Warlord with 3 range, this allows her to snipe enemy units from afar. Morgana's long range and high damage make her the an irreplaceable unit early game as 3 range units are difficult to come by. Morgana's likely the most useful Warlord for PvE, her ability, Damnation is particularly effective in long fights and her long range allows her to snipe enemy units before they even come into range.


1 1033 1244 206 80 16 3
75 1472 1772 293 114 22 3

Evolution Chart:Edit

Morgana The Dark Witch
Cannibal WargPoisonous Hornet
Brown-Green FroglingSmall Snake Egg
Morgana The Deadwood Witch
Evil Stingerfling SpiderOld Black Widow
Creepy OozeScorpion Egg
Witchess Morgana The Raven
Arachnus SpinnerGiant Flower Warrior
Black EggBoiling Ooze
Sorceress Morgana The Raven
Distraught Flower ColonelQueen Of Hornets
Rainbow EggRainbow Ooze
Sorceress Morgana, The Harbinger

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