Zombie Orc
Zombie Orc
Race Demon
Gender Male
Type Attacker
Skill Hit Disruption II

On attack, 55% chance.

Stuns enemies for 2 turns.

Monster Overview: Edit

Stun is a particularly useful effect, it prevents enemy creatures from attacking, and in addition it also prevents them activating abilities, e.g. Nettle Swine's Sharp Fangs. Having good SPD and the ability to stun, allows the Zombie Orc to neutralise some enemy units before they can act.


1 781 784 44 50 22
40 976 981 55 63 28

Can be Found: Edit

Not Found

Evolution Material for:Edit

Spring Stonewood Creature

Set Requirement for:Edit

Evolution Chart:Edit

Dead Orc
Zombie Orc
Cunning Trapper
Swamp Oozy
Revived Orc's Warrior
Old Fanged Boar
Small Succubus EggSwamp Oozy
Wicked Orc's General
Prince Of Thieves
Gluttonous OozySmall White Egg
Undead Orc's Hero

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